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TESEUS Project


Обука за Пртеприемачки вештини за
ЕУ START – UPS (Нови Фирми)



TESEUS е конкретен одговор на специфичните потреби на Почетното Стручно Образование и Обука–ПСОО-(IVET) за воспоставување и овозможување конкретен и ефективен бизнис, на службите за подршка на претприемништвото како и на нивните студенти преку ефективна промоција на Start-Up и отвoрање фирма.



ТЕСЕУС Алатките се главен резултат на проектот ТЕСЕУС, посебно креирани да дизајнираат, воспостават и менанџираат ефикасни механизми за промоција на старапи и ПСОО механизми за отво рање фирма.



ТЕСЕУС вклучува 8 партнери од 7 држави кои претставуват учесници од различни области на СОО ( стручно образование) и други социо-економски сектори (приватно и граѓанско општество).



ТЕСЕУС има полза од директното инволвирање на организациите кои се активни во областа на стручното образование и обука, образование на возрасни, социо- економско зајакнување.

Придружете се на ТЕСЕУС Заедницата

Vinegra Com

Vinegra Com Tetovo is a private company defined and declared also as social enterprise, aiming to provide services for citizens of Macedonia with highest quality at best possible and affordable prices. Vinegra Com operate at national and international level, being partner of European and US based non-profit organizations and institutions, as well as companies. Vinegra aims to address the issue of development by transfer of know-how from other parts of the world, in Macedonia.


Tribeka Training Lab

Providing the best work experiences, training courses, workshops and seminars for students and adults, Tribeka is dedicated to bring value into every aspect of training and learning mobility. As partner of schools from all over Europe it has become the best and most successful Spanish work experience provider agency in the education sector. With a professional and committed team, Tribeka ensures consistency and quality, delivering world class services in a professional outstanding standard. As ...



Symplexis is a non-for-profit organisation, aiming at elevating social cohesion, serving the modern needs of populations at risk of social exclusion and promoting human rights. All activities designed and implemented by the organisation are user-centered, having a set of values as cornerstone, like impact sustainability, respect to uniqueness and tailor-made approach, user-driven design and implementation, results-based orientation and superior community ideals. Symplexis cooperates with a diversified ...


Metropolitan College

Metropolitan College (AMC) is a constitutive member of AKMI Educational Organization, the largest private postsecondary educational group in Greece (more than 14.000 students nationwide). AMC is one of the first private colleges in Greece (since 1982) and the college with the widest range of fields of study, while being the largest UK TNE provider in Greece. All courses are specially designed to meet the demands of modern students and to facilitate their entry into the Greek and international ...


Liceul Tehnologic ‘Dimitrie Leonida’ Piatra-Neamt

Founded in 1967, Liceul Tehnologic ‘Dimitrie Leonida’ from Piatra-Neamt is a VET provider in NE Romania, Neamt County. It is a technological highschool with over 815 enrolled students, offering professional study programs and qualifications such as Fashion Designer, Gastronomy Technician, Mechanics Technician, Textile and Fashion Worker, Services and sales worker, Bartender, etc. It is also offering a Second Chance study program – an educational alternative which allows people who exceeded ...


Liceul Tehnologic 'Ion Creanga' Pipirig

VET Provider in Neamt County, Romania, located in a rural area (Pipirig), offering professional qualification programs in the field of fashion design, tailoring and carpentry.


Liceul Economic 'Alexandru Ioan Cuza' Piatra Neamt

Liceul Tehnologic Economic Administrativ is a technological, vocational and post-secondary institution established on 15 September 1990 and dedicated to personal and professional development of students in terms of the quality of the educational process, ensuring them equal chances of socio-professional integration. LTEA is providing educational services to a number of 1375 students, out of which 70% are at risk of social exclusions and 40% have their parents working abroad. Professional qualifications ...


Liceul 'Vasile Conta' Tg. Neamt

Liceul 'Vasile Conta' from Tg. Neamt is a technological highschool training tudents in the fields of tourism, administration, accounting and paedagogy.


IT Solutions for All

IT Solutions For All is a non-profit organization that seeks helping disadvamtaged people who lack the necessary knowledge to comfortably perform in today's technological world by providing free training in ICT technologies (Information and Communication Technologies).



ESSEI asbl (European Society for Social and Economic Integration) is a Brussels based NGO established in 2016 by a group of practitioners in the field of International Relations, European Affairs and Social Sciences. Its mission is to carry out research and analysis of socio-economic trends influencing the process of European integration, to facilitating it through information, awareness and capacity building activities. ESSEI promotes EU integration by: 1) Creating knowledge: roundtables and ...


Association Lifelong Learning Network

Association Lifelong Learning Network works on projects that lead towards enhancing and promotion of adult education and lifelong learning. Vision: Macedonia, economically developed country with educated and employed people. Mission: Strengthening the capacities of service providers for adult education and sustainable development programs appropriate to the needs of the labor market for local economic development and reduce unemployment. Aims: Development and promotion of adult education, ...



The Asociación al Servicio de la Investigación y la Tecnología (ASIT) / Association for the Service of Research and Technology is a private non-profit association which designs and manages projects related to technology development and local levels since 1989. Since its foundation in 1989, ASIT has fostered the creation and development of numerous innovative business projects. ASIT has also directly managed funding programmes for technology infrastructure, business modernisation, etc.


Arrabal Aid

ARRABAL-AID is a social and non-profit organization. Our , FROM 1992, is to work for full employment and social integration of people, especially the most vulnerable, supporting them through measures and actions to impact on the social environment. We must take good care of all people and taking care of the quality we give in our services, making the person served leave our entity having satisfied their demand.



ADORA - Tetovo is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that works on strengthening the capacities of the organizations and individuals, as well as on improving the living conditions and standard of life of the citizens. Association Adora was registered in 2010 in order to address the challenges of the citizens at the local level, and to influence the improvement of the quality of life in the municipality. Within its program activities, Adora is active in the following areas: - Lifelong ...


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