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TESEUS Project


Training on Entrepreneurial Skills
for EU Start-ups

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TESEUS is the concrete answer to specific needs of IVET in establishing and providing concrete and effective business and entrepreneurship support services to their students through efficient start-up promotion and firm creation.

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TESEUS Toolkit is the main result of the TESEUS project, specifically designed to design, establish and manage efficient mechanisms for start-up promotion and Firm Creation mechanism in IVET.

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TESEUS includes 8 partners from 7 countries representing the various participants from different fields of VET and other socio-economic sectors (private and civil society).

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Capacity Gap Assessment

ACT-SME is the concrete answer to specific capacity needs of SMEs to adapt to global competition and internationalise to enhance their competitiveness and support their growth potential, also and especially in a cross-border transaction perspective.

ACT-SME stems from the demand for specific training tailored to the needs of microenterprises identified by

  • “Identification of Future Skills Needs in Micro And Craft-Type Enterprises Up To 2020”, DG Enterprise, 2011,
  • “EU SMEs:A Partial and Fragile Recovery”, DG Enterprise, 2014
  • “SMEs Going Digital”, EU Commission Working Document, 2013
  • “Integration of SMEs in global value chains”, DG Enterprise, 2014
ACT-SME Capacity Gap Assessment will detail the scope, tools, means and activities of the analysis to be carried out during implementation, on the basis of the shared vision of the field of investigation, also taking into account the specific characteristics of diverse and different entrepreneurial environments and systems.

The capacity gap assessment for the internationalisation strategy and opportunities of SMEs of Output 2 will outline real and perceived barriers to internationalization, qualitative and quantitative data and information on the real and perceived barriers.

Results: O2 Baseline Capacity Gap Assessment Report

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Capacity Gap Assessment Questionnaire

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