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TESEUS Project


Training on Entrepreneurial Skills
for EU Start-ups

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TESEUS is the concrete answer to specific needs of IVET in establishing and providing concrete and effective business and entrepreneurship support services to their students through efficient start-up promotion and firm creation.

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TESEUS Toolkit is the main result of the TESEUS project, specifically designed to design, establish and manage efficient mechanisms for start-up promotion and Firm Creation mechanism in IVET.

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TESEUS includes 8 partners from 7 countries representing the various participants from different fields of VET and other socio-economic sectors (private and civil society).

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TESEUS Training

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What are the important skills nowadays, because ... entrepreneurship!

The current economic context Click to read  
The SolutionClick to read  
The entrepreneurial capacityClick to read  
Entrepreneurship definitionClick to read  
The role of the educator in the process of developing students' entrepreneurship

The educator’s key roleClick to read  
The Entrepreneurial teachersClick to read  
Are you a entrepreneurial teacher?Click to read  
Now try to put things in paper…Click to read  
Considerations…Click to read  
We saw togetherClick to read  
Use EntreComp Framework

“Understanding “EntreComp”Click to read  
What is EntreComp?Click to read  
The first framework 2016Click to read  
The revised framework 2018 - The EntreComp wheelClick to read