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TESEUS Project


Training on Entrepreneurial Skills
for EU Start-ups

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TESEUS is the concrete answer to specific needs of IVET in establishing and providing concrete and effective business and entrepreneurship support services to their students through efficient start-up promotion and firm creation.

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TESEUS Toolkit is the main result of the TESEUS project, specifically designed to design, establish and manage efficient mechanisms for start-up promotion and Firm Creation mechanism in IVET.

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TESEUS includes 8 partners from 7 countries representing the various participants from different fields of VET and other socio-economic sectors (private and civil society).

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TESEUS Training

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Introduction to “Business idea” concept

Definition and characteristics of a “Business idea”Click to read  
Entrepreneurial behavior and business idea Click to read  
How to reach to your own business idea?

Reach your IdeaClick to read  
Is your idea a “Business idea”?Click to read  
Viability of a Business Idea

When is a business idea viable?Click to read  
Case studies of successful and failed business ideas

Successful business ideas Click to read  
Failed business ideas Click to read  
Guideline for the use of “Business idea grid

Section: Steps for the use of “Business idea grid”.Click to read  
Test Yourself

QuestionsClick to read  
AnswersClick to read  


Business idea, Business Idea Grid, Entrepreneurial Behavior, Figuring Storming, Starbusting


The course “What is a Business idea?” aims to describe and explain the concept and the meaning of a “Business idea”. Under this module the participant will learn the main characteristics of a business idea, as well as the steps that should be followed in order to reach a "Business idea"


Through this module the participants will be able to:
• Understand the meaning of a Business idea;
• Develop their entrepreneurial behavior;
• Conceive the ability to reach your own business idea;

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TESEUS Ref. 2018-1-RO01-KA202-049281
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