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TESEUS Project


Training on Entrepreneurial Skills
for EU Start-ups

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TESEUS is the concrete answer to specific needs of IVET in establishing and providing concrete and effective business and entrepreneurship support services to their students through efficient start-up promotion and firm creation.

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TESEUS Toolkit is the main result of the TESEUS project, specifically designed to design, establish and manage efficient mechanisms for start-up promotion and Firm Creation mechanism in IVET.

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TESEUS includes 8 partners from 7 countries representing the various participants from different fields of VET and other socio-economic sectors (private and civil society).

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TESEUS Case studie

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Mini Enterprise by JA Romania - Romania

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Education (on-school), building skills and mi


Target group(s): • Highschool students (grades IX-XII) Main goals/focus 1. Developing the capacity of understanding business principles and decisional processes on the market. 2. Developing relational behaviors and team working capacity 3. Developing critical thinking within the economic field and manifesting favorable attitudes concerning decision making and assuming responsibility.


The aim of Mini Enterprise program is to help students develop the 7 key entrepreneurial competences, through learning by doing activities – which involve a real entrepreneurial experience by developing a pilot company. Students’ activity is coordinated by a high school teacher who benefits from the support of a JA volunteer/business expert. Students attending this program are allowed to sustain the European Entrepreneurial Competences Pass examination free of charge. In addition, JA provides free educational support material kits such as: Teachers’ Guide, Student’s Manual, Company Files (department folders, fiches, forms, tables). Through this program, the students develop the following competences:

Sense of Initiative
Assuming Risks
Understanding and administering resources
There are 8 main modules/activities, respectively:
Introduction. The Company.
Establishing Responsibilities within the Company
Evaluating Products and Services Ideas
Selecting a Product or Service
Developing a Preliminary Business Plan
Coordinating a Meeting
Leading and Administration of a Pilot Company
Closing Operations

 Activity keys

Funding source:

Educational programme carried out by JA Romania and supported by business partners/multinational companies such as Bayer Fund, Metropolitan Life, Romanian-American Foundation etc.


Outputs and outcomes:

  • Practical entrepreneurial experience for the students;
  • Pilot companies;
  • The students can attend, with the pilot companies they have developed, within the JA BUSINESS PLAN CHALLENGE competition;
  • Competitive advance on the labor/business market by obtaining the ESP;

Key success factors in implementing this initiative:

  • Involvement of experienced business partners.
  • Effective dissemination and communication with JA Romania.
  • Free Learning kits and possibility to sustain the ESP examination recognized within the EU.


Key failure factors in implementing this initiative:

  • We are not aware of any key failure factor.


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TESEUS Ref. 2018-1-RO01-KA202-049281
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