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TESEUS Project


Dezvoltarea competentelor
antreprenoriale pentru startup-uri EU

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TESEUS este raspunsul concret la nevoile specific din invatamantul professional si tehnic in ceea ce priveste stabilirea si oferirea de servicii educationale concrete si eficiente in domeniul business si al antreprenoriatului, prin promovarea formarii de startup-uri si firme.

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Toolkit-ul TESEUS este rezultatul prinicipal al proiectului, special creat pentru asigurarea designului si stabilirea de mecanisme eficiente pentru promovarea crearii de startup-uri in invatamantul profesional si tehnic.

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TESEUS include 8 parteneri din 7 tari, incluzand organizatii din diferite domenii VET precum si alte sectoare socio-economice (private si/sau ale societatii civile).

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TESEUS Case studie

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Andalucia Emprende Proyecto Lunar - Spain

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 Cuvinte cheie

Support programme (public), open/generic


Target group(s): • Entrepreneurs Main goals/focus: • Support entrepreneurs to set up a business related to culture.


The government of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucia) has developed ‘Proyecto Lunar’ which is the first public program devoted to support entrepreneurs of the creative-cultural industry of Andalusia IVET systems and beyond. It provides them with multiple services (counselling and training for experts for business planning, help in the search of job opportunities and financial support, advice for needed steps when setting up a business, etc.) as help for entrepreneurs of this sector to turn their ideas into real business projects. It also provides support for existing companies to look for new routes that contribute to their professional development. Thanks to this programme, 104 creative-cultural firms were created last year. This has also resulted into 144 new jobs created in Andalusia, from which 51 % are women.

 Activity keys

Key activities and forms of support to IVET students / schools / other target groups:

  • ‘Conference Business Plan Proyecto Lunar’ in Malaga - Through this conference, experts will decide whether a project is feasible or not. They will also teach entrepreneurs how to present their ideas and provide them with necessary tools to become businessmen/women.
  • ‘I Training Conference Proyecto Lunar’ - With this training they wanted to transform people’s business idea into a real business plan. It was celebrated first time in Cordova and   


They also organise:

  • Informative conferences about entrepreneurship.
  • Technical and expert assistance, tutoring and monitoring for entrepreneurs
  • Advertising and dissemination of companies, start-ups and entrepreneurial initiatives included in Proyecto Lunar

Proyecto Lunar has an extensive formative/training catalogue for entrepreneurs related to cultural industry in Andalusia. The training initiatives offered include many relevant aspects for entrepreneurship in the 21st century, such as:

  • Creativity
  • Marketing
  • Business psychology
  • Communication
  • Professional expansion
  • Creative business management

Finally, Proyecto Lunar organises events, training and conferences such as:

  • Conference and training session “Creatividad. Imprescindible para tu desarrollo profesional” “Creativity, essential for your professional development”
  • Exposition: Plastic Arts “Face”
  • Open Day Proyecto Lunar Cade Córdoba.
  • To know the different ways of utilization of the Proyecto Lunar´s installation for entrepreneurs
  • Practical Workshop “Successful and effective Communication”
  • Training Course Marketing 4.0 How to achieve customer engagement. Tools to move from traditional marketing to digital marketing
  • Training project. “Tools kit to professionalize your artistic and creative career” Intended for visual artists, musicians, dancers, writers…
  • Coaching group sessions. Group dynamics. Reinvention and overcoming techniques.
  • Offices and centres implicated in Proyecto lunar. There are currently 8 Cade Offices (one for each Andalusia province) open to the Proyecto Lunar

Funding source:

The ‘Proyecto Lunar’ is funded by regional government of Andalusia, specifically by ‘Andalucia Emprende’ which belongs to the Economics Council. This project also offers entrepreneurs to ask for a supportive grant the region offers to SME firms which want to develop their cultural business.


Outputs and outcomes:

It supposes a great support for new entrepreneurs and a great chance for cultural businesses which may face more challenges. According to the data available when developing this case study:

  • 104 new firms were born thanks to this project
  • There have been 144 new job posts created


Key success factors in implementing this initiative:

As main key success factors we can underline:

  • Consolidation of a complete business support network that allows the projects permeates in the enterprise infrastructure.
  • Entrepreneurship promotion
  • Start-ups promotion and tutoring
  • Recognition of business and entrepreneurial initiatives


Key failure factors in implementing this initiative:

  • We are not aware about any failure factor after the implementation. Yet there certainly are some inhibitors or barriers that need to be removed to expand this project, such as the fact that Proyecto Lunar is focused in the community of Andalusia and regrettably is not expanded to all the country, which might be a magnifying effect of this best practice. Moreover, the educational system is decentralized in Spain in terms of entrepreneurship and business promotion, which make tough for a project like Proyecto lunar to duly penetrate the entire IVET system.


List of references

-¿Qué es Proyecto Lunar? Retrieved from http://www.proyectolunar.com (SPANISH)


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